Astound your guests with a luxurious event at Hotel Merlinde: the perfect setting for private dinners, receptions and other celebrations! The decorated, cosy salons provide a unique intimate setting for welcoming your guests. From large events to intimate parties, we will make sure your celebration is perfect.

  • Free Parking

  • Free WiFi

  • Food & Banqueting

Petit four € 3.50 pp
Petit four with logo on request
Apple pie € 3.25 pp
Etagère with sweet treats € 3.25 pp
Assorted pastries € 3.25 pst

Fresh smoothie € 4.50 pp
Mini sausage bread and mini hot dog € 3.00 pp
Raw vegetables crudité with humus and tzatziki dip € 5.75 pp

Assortment nuts € 4.95 pp
French fries with truffle mayonnaise € 3.00 pp
Mixed appetizers € 3.75 pp
Mokum shelf € 4.50 pp
Ox sausage, old A’dam, apple syrup, gherkins and A’damse onion
Croquettes (10 pieces) € 6.75 pp
1 meter luxury top-of-the-line snacks € 5.95 pp
Various luxury cold and warm snacks
Canapé € 1.50 pp
Luxury topped toast

A High Tea is a fun way to enjoy each other’s company, drinking tea and snacking on the most delicious delicacies.

Our luxurious High Tea includes:

Rose Prosecco
Seasonal soup
Luxury tiny sandwiches
Warm snack
Sweet treats such as; scones, macerons, brownies and muffins
Assortment of tea and possibly coffee on request

A healthy lunch especially developed for meetings. This ‘Out of the box’ lunch consists of:
Fruit juice
Stuffed broth
Healthy sandwich
Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit

Fresh soup
Assortment of tiny sandwiches
Warm snack
Orange juice, milk, coffee and tea

Fresh soup and a hot dish
An assortment of various breads, consisting of brown and white bread, mini rolls, crispbread, gingerbread and toast Wide selection of cold meats, cheeses and confectionery Salad
Orange juice, milk, coffee and tea

Ham sandwich, cheese sandwich and croquette sandwich
Orange juice and milk

You can also choose à la carte (up to 8 people)

Your guests can also make a choice from the lunch menu with luxury sandwiches, salads and hot dishes.

Surprise your guests with a culinary experience created by our chef. Of course we take dietary needs and allergies into account.

3 courses starter, main course and dessert € 27.50 pp
4 courses cold appetizer, soup, main course and dessert € 29.50 pp
5 courses cold appetizer, soup, main course, cheese and dessert € 33.50 pp

3 courses starter / main course / dessert € 33.50 pp
4 courses starter / entree / main course / dessert € 38.50 pp
5 courses starter / entree / main course / cheese / dessert € 42.50 pp

In consultation with you and our chef, we prepare a delicious, fresh buffet for you. This buffet is a combination of cold and hot dishes and a dessert buffet.

Buffets can only be ordered from 15 people.

A walking dinner includes 6 snacks per person.

Walking dinners can only be ordered from 15 people.

Your guests can also choose from the menu with various starter, main courses and desserts.

8hr meeting: unlimited coffee / tea € 9,50 pp
4hr meeting: unlimited coffee / tea € 6,50 pp
Sodas from € 2,50 pst
Water 0,5L € 3,95 pst
Beer € 2,75 pst
Wine from € 3,75 pst
Distilled drinks from € 2,25 pst



Conference room Hotel Merlinde
  • 59€ – daypart
    89€ – 2 dayparts

  • 2 – 6 persons

  • 20m2

  • Lunch or dinner


Dinerzaal Hotel Merlinde
  • 69€ – daypart
    99€ – 2 dayparts

  • 2 – 24 persons

  • 25m2

  • Lunch or private dining

  • A la carte up to 8p


Conference room Hotel Merlinde
  • 99€ – daypart
    179€ – 2 dayparts

  • 2 – 80 persons

  • 100m2

  • Reception or dinner


vergaderruimte Breda
  • 129€ – daypart
    249€ – 2 dayparts

  • 2 – 60 persons

  • 90m2

  • Reception

  • Lunch or dinner

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zaalverhuur Breda