Memorial Sessions

First, we would like to express our sympathy for your loss. After the loss of a loved one a great deal falls upon you.  After the memorial ceremony often people gather to pay their respects to the deceased with family and friends. Hotel Merlinde is an elegant location to meet with friends and family, providing a dignified and memorable commemoration for the passing of your loved one. Naturally, you will also need drinks and sustenance, perhaps the traditional coffee and cake.  Or you can opt for wine instead: these days many people prefer to raise a glass together with family and friends.   The possibilities are endless, and we will gladly discuss them with you in person and find an ideal solution to suit your requirements.

Merlinde contrasts with other accommodations in Breda in her emphasis on “care” and the warm and classic atmosphere.  Accessibility is a key issue at Hotel Merlinde. For instance, the hotel has complete wheel-chair and walker access. This makes it particularly suited to the needs of the elderly and those with physical challenges. In Merlinde we are unique in the Netherland for offering 4-star ambiance to people with (temporary) physical challenges or who are disabled.  Even our catering personnel have experience with providing for the specific requirements of those in need of care.  In this way, you and your guests can concentrate upon the event itself, and the grieving process.  At Merlinde you can relax because “care” is available behind the scenes, whenever you need it.

Our rooms

Dining room 
For a small, private family gathering you can make use of the Dining room.  You gather around the table here in peace and privacy.  The decor is stylish and classical. This room is appropriate for lunch, dinner and condolences for up to 25 people.

Lunch/dinner   20 people
Condolences   25 people


Eluse salon
This stylish space is suitable for gatherings of up to 80 guests, yet is also equally appropriate for more intimate groups.

Lunch/dinner   60 people
Condolences   80 people


It is also possible to hold your sympathy session in our restaurant.  This space has an adjacent smoking salon, a bar and a wine cellar.  The French doors open to our elegant patio, making this restaurant a warm location for your gathering.

Lunch/dinner, maximum 80 people
Condolences, 120 people


* The room rental is included in the package price when you book a room with lunch or dinner for 8 or more people.