To ensure that you feel completely at home in Hotel Merlinde, the hotel has various salons, each with a characteristic ‘look.’  Each salon has its own theme and decor to match, making each one completely unique!

Here is a description of the various salons.

Lady’s salon (Damesalon)

The Lady’s salon is a beautiful space with exceptional decor where particularly the ladies can cozily chat while enjoying a cup of coffee.  Naturally men are also welcome here.   You can enjoy various magazines, newspapers and brain teasers next to the fireplace or watch your favorite television programs.

Gentleman’s salon

Reminiscent of a gentleman’s room in an old-fashioned English mansion, in this lounge one can enjoy reading magazines, newspapers, a game of chess or look at your favorite television shows in large, comfortable armchairs.  You can also display or develop your talents in billiards in this room.

Book salon

The name says it:  here you can enjoy reading a good book, which are available for you in this room.  Our collection of LPs and turntable also invite you to listen to our broad music collection.

Smoking salon

Since smoking is prohibited in the rest of the hotel, Merlinde has included a smoking salon.  That means that smokers don’t need to smoke outside.  Ideal if it is raining!